FEDEF – A High Level Architecture Federate Development Framework


  1. van Spengen, J.W.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Atlantic, Dartmouth NS (CAN)
The development of High Level Architecture (HLA) federates can be repetitive and time consuming, with development time better spent on the aspects that differentiate the functionality provided by federates. The common tasks and design patterns involved in developing federates have been factored into an HLA federate development framework allowing for an easier and shorter federation development life cycle. Normally, federate interoperability is limited to a specific run time infrastructure (RTI) vendor without recompilation of source code and is further constrained to a single HLA specification. This new framework aims to allow federate interoperability without the need to recompile source code when switching RTI vendors, and does not require code changes for operability between HLA specifications. Configuration of federate requirements such as publications, subscriptions, time management, and management protocol should occur outside of federate source code, allowing for federate reusability without code modification and re-compilation. This HLA framework provides for single point external configuration of federates using an XML format.

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DRDC-ATLANTIC-TM-2010-105 — Technical Memorandum
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01 Sep 2010
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