Summary of findings on visual scanning and assessment of IED threats by soldiers in operational environments

Sommaire des conclusions concernant le balayage visuel et l’évaluation que font les soldats en milieux opérationnels quant aux menaces posées par les IED


  1. Jarmasz, J.
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Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN)
DRDC Toronto has been conducting a research project investigating various training tools designed to support visual IED threat assessment and awareness skills (IED Awareness Training project, sub-project 12rr03 of the Omnibus Counter-IED Technology Demonstration Project), in order to support the Canadian Forces (CF) Counter-Improvised Explosive Device (IED) efforts to protect Canadian soldiers involved in the conflict in Afghanistan. During this project, which focuses on individual perceptual judgment and situation awareness, as well as team situation awareness and decision making skills, we developed an understanding of how soldiers with operational experience in IED threat environments visually scan and assess their environment for IED threats. This report presents a conceptual model of the “IED awareness” process, gives an overview of the research DRDC Toronto has conducted in developing this model, and provides a number of recommendations for enhancing the CF’s Counter-IED training efforts, both for the current Afghanistan conflict and for future conflicts, as it is widely assumed that IEDs will play a role far beyond the current Afghanistan theatre of operations.

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IEDs;visual scanning;cue integration;IED detection;Afghanistan
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DRDC-TORONTO-TM-2010-197 — Technical Memorandum
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22 Mar 2011
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