Integrated Concept Working Group (ICWG) Meeting

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The Integrated Concept Working Group (ICWG) was established in April 2008 under the authority of the Chief of Force Development (CFD). Its mandate is to provide a forum for L1 Force Developers to share, discuss, construct and review new concepts, as well as to serve as an advisory body to CFD on emerging issues prior to being presented at the Capability Development Board (CDB). The ICWG is intended to complement concept work currently ongoing in the CF, and, through its integrated and collaborative approach, to bring coherence to the process of developing high-level operational concepts within the Horizon 2-3 timeframe. More specifically, its primary focus areas are: assisting CFD in the provision of oversight to L1s Force development prior to CDB on new concept initiative; assisting CFD in the development of concept document associated with joint capability initiatives/projects; the Future Security Environment [FSE] and Integrated Capstone Concept [ICC] documents; all force development initiatives are in keeping with Defence Policy, Defence strategic guidance, the Future Security Environment; joint, environmental, special operations and functional force development activities at the concept level are aligned and synchronized; strategic concept development activities are coordinated and synchronized with programme management activities.”

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Integrated Concept Working Group;Future Security Environment
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01 Nov 2009
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