Maritime Anomaly Detection – Domain Introduction and Review of Selected Literature


  1. Martineau, E.
  2. Roy, J.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Valcartier, Valcartier QUE (CAN)
Early in the conduct of Project 11hg (Collaborative Knowledge Exploitation for Maritime Domain Awareness) at Defence R&D Canada, anomaly detection in the maritime domain was identified by the operators/analysts of the operational community as an important aspect requiring research and development. A number of R&D activities have thus been undertaken under the project to specifically investigate maritime anomaly detection (MAD). This Technical Memorandum reports on one of these activities. It first provides a high-level introduction to the domain, and then presents a review of selected literature on the subject. Different views of the field are presented, starting with a description of the various steps of MAD, followed by a discussion of four interrelated goals of MAD. Current gaps in MAD are identified from the data and information, processing and systems perspectives. The selected literature review is structured around specific organizations known to be active in maritime anomaly detection, various MAD systems, and other relevant research activities. A high-level assessment of the methods for MAD that were found in the reviewed literature completes the discussion.

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DRDC-VALCARTIER-TM-2010-460 — Technical Memorandum
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01 Oct 2011
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