Comprehensive Approach Workshop – Hard Problem First Steps


  1. Farrell, P.S.E.
  2. Connell, D.
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Defence Research and Development Canada, Ottawa Ont (CAN) Corporate Office
The 2011 S&T Functional Planning Guidance refers to hard problems within the Defence & Security domain, which typically require multiple expertises to solve. This Technical Note proposes a number of steps that Defence R&D Canada may adopt in order to manage and solve hard problems. A Comprehensive Approach workshop was held specifically to conduct the initial steps towards managing and solving the hard problem related to the Comprehensive Approach including defining and scoping the hard problem as well as determining the related S&T being done and to be done. It is important to have the right people involved in these initial steps included those performing and managing the science as well as seeking early endorsement of the science activity from Defence and Security partners. The notion of hard problems and a Hard Problem Director has been overtaken by events as the new ADM(S&T) seeks to simplify processes and ensure alignment of the DRDC programme with its partners’ outcomes. However, similar steps can be applied to High Level Effects and Essential S&T Deliverables.

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DRDC-CORPORATE-TN-2011-005 — Technical Note
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01 Oct 2011
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