Biometric Border Security Evaluation Framework

Biométrique Cadre d'évaluation de la sécurité des frontières


  1. Nanavati, R.
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Defence R&D Canada - Centre for Security Science, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
The Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) Public Security Technical Program (PSTP) maintains a Border and Transportation Surveillance, Intelligence, and Interdiction (SI2) mission area. The biometrics cluster formed under SI2 has established an evaluation area, Comprehensive Evaluation of Biometric Techniques for Multi-Domain Use Supporting National Security. In August 2009, IBG-Canada was awarded contract PSTP08-0110BIO to execute a multi-discipline Study on this topic. This study report evaluates the strengths, weaknesses, system elements, and most common uses of biometric technologies most often used in border security applications: fingerprint, face recognition, and iris recognition technology. Each of these technologies has specific strengths and weaknesses related to accuracy, usability, cost, privacy impact, and interoperability with legacy systems. The report also assesses the use of multi-biometric systems in which multiple biometric modalities are captured to improve enrollment rates or to improve accuracy through fused system performance. The report maps core technologies to fundamental biometric border security applications, including identity verification (a 1:1 application) and watchlist identification (a 1:N application). Each of the primary biometric modalities has improved substantially since initial implementation in border control systems in the early 2000’s. Further, the market landscape of each modality has changed dramatically due to industry

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Biometric data;Face Recognition;Iris Recognition;Privacy;Fingerprints -- Identification;Access management;Access rights;Airport security;Usability
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DRDC-CSS-CR-2011-16 — Contractor Report
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01 Oct 2011
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