Capturing Lessons That Should be Learned – An After Event Review for Whole-of-Government Security Planning and Operations


  1. McIntyre, S.
  2. Kaminska, K.
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Defence R&D Canada - Centre for Security Science, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
In February 2010, Canada hosted the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games. To ensure a Safe and Secure Games, multiple safety and security agencies at three levels of government had to work in an unprecedented partnership for security planning and operations. This whole-of-government approach to domestic safety and security, often bringing together non-traditional partners, provided a unique opportunity to analyze collective strengths and weaknesses and to make suggestions for process improvements in future domestic inter-organizational public safety or security events. Defence Research and Development Canada – Centre for Security Science undertook an After Event Review which incorporated qualitative operational research methods into a Lessons Learned process. Typically a Lessons Learned cycle involves five steps: preparation, collection, analysis, endorsement, and change. Often, the process relies upon initial observations without the benefit of independent analysis. The After Event Review refined the preparation, collection and analysis stages by focusing on analytical methodologies and inserting subject matter expert validation throughout the process. Beginning with a mission analysis in the preparation phase, the researchers were able to determine the expected outcomes against which to appraise the ability of the partners’ collective success. It was also necessary to determine a capability framework against which to assess the overall planning and operations. For this purpose,

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Lessons Learned;After Event Review;Social Network Analysis;V2010;Vancouver 2010 Olympics;Vancouver 2010 Winter Games;Security Planning;Operational research;Domestic security;Capability assessment;Best practices
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DRDC-CSS-SL-2011-11 — Scientific Literature
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01 Sep 2011
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