Command and control systems and constructive simulation systems interoperability study

  1. St-Onge, M.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Ottawa, Ottawa ONT (CAN);Canadian Signals Communications Professionals Inc, Gatineau Que (CAN)
Constructive simulation systems are used by the Canadian Forces in order to train the soldiers and staff officers. While the constructive simulation system provides the virtual battlefield, the soldiers and staff officers are not directly exposed to the simulation but rather see its effects through their respective command and control (C2) systems. Languages and protocols used in the constructive simulation systems differ significantly from the protocols and languages used in the C2 systems. The aim of this paper is to determine if the protocols and languages used by C2 and constructive simulation systems can be made to be compatible via a common interface. The study examined three main functions of the interface, the ability to provide an interface for tasking of friendly automated forces, the ability to provide an interface to support requests generated by the automated forces, and the ability to provide an interface to support position reporting for both friendly forces and perceived enemy forces that exist in the automated system. The study will show that although the native languages differ significantly, it is possible to interface C2 systems to constructive simulation systems through a common language for C2 systems based on the Joint Consultation, Command and Control, Information Exchange Data Model (JC3IEDM); however it becomes more difficult when considering other C2 systems.

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DRDC-OTTAWA-CR-2010-093 — Contractor Report
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01 Aug 2010
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