Capability Challenges in the Human Domain for Intelligence Analysis – Report on Community-Wide Discussions with Canadian Intelligence Professionals


  1. Adams, B.D.
  2. Thomson, M.H.
  3. Derbentseva, N.
  4. Mandel, D.R.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN);Humansystems Inc, Guelph ONT (CAN)
Building on an earlier small-sample interview study (Derbentseva, McLellan, & Mandel, 2011), this report describes the findings of a focus group study with members of the Canadian intelligence community. The present study had both a larger and more diverse sample of intelligence practitioners than the earlier study. Four focus group discussions were conducted to explore human capability challenges within the broader Canadian community. The study also explored how behavioural science research might help the intelligence community deal with the identified challenges. Results showed a wide range of issues and challenges identified within the focus groups. Issues such as coordination and information sharing within the community, professionalization and the need for better career paths emerged as important challenges. Educating consumers about intelligence analysis, clarifying the relationship between consumers and producers of analytic products and research related to the tools, techniques and the practice of intelligence also received considerable attention. Overall, this study documents an expanded set of issues and challenges facing intelligence personnel, strong evidence of the potential contribution that future research can make to alleviating current challenges within the intelligence community, and a detailed list of potential research opportunities for behavioural science research (and other types of research) to support intelligence capability.

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Focus group study;Canadian Forces;Intelligence analysis;Behavioural science research;Intelligence community;Intelligence analysts;Communication;Collaboration;Networking;Intelligence capability
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DRDC-TORONTO-CR-2011-182 — Contractor Report
Date of publication
01 Mar 2012
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