Consumer Psychology and Marketing Overview – An Influence Operations Perspective


  1. Sullivan-Kwantes, W.
  2. Kwantes, P.
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Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN)
The purpose of this literature review was to acquire additional knowledge that would complement the previous work completed by HumanSystems Incorporated, Guelph, Ontario - in particular literature reviews on Influence Operations (CR-2007-146), Consumer Psychology(CR 2008-218) and an Annex to CF PSYOPS Materials, Information Management, Guidelines and Recommendations (CR 2008-215). Defence Research and Development Canada - Toronto has been conducting a larger research project whereby the goal is to contribute to the Canadian Forces’ (CF) ability to plan, implement and evaluate influence campaigns for future expeditionary operations. Success in the business world, as measured by profitability and longevity, is a result of its ability to quickly adapt to changing demands from consumers and evolving tactics by competitors. Therefore, the business world is a potentially valuable and underutilized context in which to study tactics for marketing, advertising, public relations, media, and exploitation of consumer psychology, all or some of which could potentially be applied to current CF influence operations. This paper presents an exploration of how some of these business tools and philosophies could be applied to military influence operations (e.g., PSYOPs) to help give the CF an edge in today’s asymmetric campaigns. Future research considerations and directions, in light of the lessons learned from the marketing world, are also discussed.

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marketing;influence operations;psychological operations
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DRDC-TORONTO-TR-2012-011 — Technical Report
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01 Jan 2012
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