Analysis of a simulation experiment on optimized crewing for damage control

Analyse d'une expérience de simulation de l'équipage optimal aux fins du contrôle des avaries


  1. Chow, R.
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Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN)
In 2008, a simulation model was developed in the Integrated Performance Modelling Environment (IPME) to evaluate different crew-automation options for naval damage control. This previous work demonstrated the feasibility and value of applying modelling and simulation to explore a large number of factors related to optimized crewing for damage control, but stopped short of performing detailed statistical analysis on the simulation outputs. The current report re-examines the data collected from the 2008 simulation experiment and subjects them to formal hypotheses testing. In particular, it investigates the effects of automation level, automation reliability, and scenario complexity on damage control effectiveness, where damage control effectiveness was measured by time to complete fire response, number of compartments affected by fire, time to complete flood response, and maximum height reached by floodwater. The analyses compared three automation levels (full, medium, and the baseline) that were coupled with three crew sizes (small, medium, large respectively), two levels of automation reliability (100% and 75%), and two levels of scenario complexity (high, medium). Of the studied factors, automation level was found to have the most significant impact on damage control. Full automation was found to perform best in terms of fire response. Both full automation and the baseline were found to outperform medium automation in terms of flood response. Based on these analyses, this re

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Optimized crewing;Integrated Performance Modelling Environment;IPME;Modelling and Simulation;Modeling and simulation;Preferred Manning Levels
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DRDC-TORONTO-TR-2010-128 — Technical Report
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01 Jan 2012
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