2010 Methodology for Assessing Disruptions (MAD) Game Part 1 – Report and Analysis


  1. Adlakha-Hutcheon, G.
  2. Hazen, M.
  3. Hubbard, P.
  4. McLelland, S.
  5. Sprague, K.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research and Development Canada, Ottawa Ont (CAN) Corporate Office
The memorandum reports on the Methodology for Assessing Disruptions (MAD) game played at DRDC Ottawa on 5-6 October 2010. This event was Part I of a two-part seminar wargame. In Part I, scientists and CF members participated in a two-step brainstorming and red-teaming process to develop futuristic ideas of systems that may provide an operational advantage to the CF. A total of 47 idea of system cards were produced in Part I. These will be assessed for their disruptive potential through a series of wargames in Part II, which will take place in January, 2011. Feedback solicited through a Judgments and Insights session and formal feedback forms brought to light several ideas for improving the gaming methodology for future iterations of MAD. The game was successful in fostering innovation through confrontation-based red-teaming as well as socializing potentially disruptive technologies elaborated in the ADM (S&T) Functional Planning Guidance. This memorandum is intended primarily for the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) DRDC and the Chief Scientists Network (CSNet). It will also be of interest to others in the S&T community within DRDC and its CF partner organizations such as the Chief Force Development and the environmental warfare centres.

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DRDC-CORPORATE-TM-2012-009 — Technical Memorandum
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01 Jun 2012
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