Improvement of 2D XFEM in VAST


  1. Jiang, L.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Atlantic, Dartmouth NS (CAN);MARTEC Ltd, Halifax NS (CAN)
This report is concerned with a recent extension of the extended finite element method (XFEM) in VAST to perform fracture mechanics analyses involving curved and kinked crack geometries. During this work, the XFEM pre-processor, which handles mesh-crack interactions, was completely redeveloped using an improved algorithm and the VAST solver was also modified to subdivide the enriched elements using exact crack geometry. A domain version of the interaction integral was implemented to provide a reliable tool for evaluating stress intensity factors. Both the improved XFEM capability and the interaction integral were extensively verified using test cases. The results indicated that the guidelines on application of XFEM, generated previously based on studies on straight cracks, are also applicable to problems involving curved and kinked cracks. On the other hand, the interaction integral is highly robust and generates stable solutions insensitive to the XFEM parameters such as size of the enrichment zone, order of numerical integration and the number of nodes included in the multi-point constraints.

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DRDC-ATLANTIC-CR-2011-294;MARTEC-TR-11-48 — Contractor Report
Date of publication
01 Feb 2012
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