National Search and Rescue Literature Review – Annotated Bibliography–Report 1


  1. Hagen, L.
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Defence R&D Canada - Centre for Operational Research and Analysis, Ottawa ON (CAN);CAE Professional Services, Ottawa (ON)
This document is a deliverable associated with the project entitled “National Search and Rescue Literature Review”. The purpose of this project was to conduct a literature review and develop an annotated bibliography of existing analytical techniques, models and methods that have been applied to the delivery of search and rescue. This report was completed by CAE Professional Services (Canada) Inc. (CAE PS) under Task #132 for contract #W7714-083663/001/SV to Defence Research & Development Canada (DRDC) Centre for Operational Research and Analysis (CORA). This document contains an annotated bibliography and review of Canadian and foreign search and rescue studies related to resource allocation/basing models, response posture, strategic policy, tactics and procedures and search techniques associated with aeronautical, maritime and humanitarian search and rescue. The first objective of the current work was to conduct a literature search and create an annotated bibliography outlining the papers resulting from the search. The second objective was to summarize two papers chosen by the Technical Authority. The two papers chosen were from the resource allocation/basing models category. The papers summarized were: Afshartous, D., Guan, Y., Mehrotra, A. (2009). U.S. Coast Guard air station location with respect to distress calls: A spatial statistics and optimization based methodology. European Journal of Operational Research, 196, 1086 à 1096 et Azofra., M., Pereze-Labajos, C. A.

Il y a un résumé en français ici.

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DRDC-CORA-CR-2013-014 — Contractor Report
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01 Feb 2013
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