Operations Research Support for Critical Infrastructure Resilience in the Province of British Columbia


  1. Genik, L.
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Defence R&D Canada - Centre for Security Science, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
This paper describes the Defence Research and Development Canada - Centre for Security Science (DRDC CSS) operations research (OR) support for critical infrastructure (CI) resilience in the Province of British Columbia (BC). DRDC has been providing scientific support for various aspects of CI resilience in BC since 2008, initially for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and, subsequently, for the development of Emergency Management British Columbia’s (EMBC) provincial CI Assurance Program (CIAP). Guided by the NATO Code of Best Practice for C2 Assessment, a soft OR approach has been used to support the development of the CIAP. The DRDC focus has been on the first assessment stage of problem formulation and solution strategy, working in conjunction with EMBC and the multi-agency BC CI Steering Committee. Throughout the journey, a number of challenges have been identified related to governance, trust, information sharing, culture, assessment methodologies and resources. This paper outlines DRDC’s goals, the CI problem (which can be characterized as a “wicked” problem), the OR approach, challenges, and progress to date, including pilot projects underway.

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critical infrastructure (CI), resilience;wicked problem;NATO Code of Best Practice for C2 Assessment;soft operations research (OR);CI assessment;CI tools;emergency management;EMBC
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DRDC-CSS-SL-2012-016 — Scientific Literature
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01 Oct 2012
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