Research Using In Vivo Simulation of Meta-Organizational Shared Decision Making (SDM) – Task 5 – Creation of user friendly knowledge tool


  1. Lemyre, L.
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Defence R&D Canada - Centre for Security Science, Ottawa ONT (CAN);Ottawa Univ, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
This report, along with an accompanying knowledge database tool, represents completion of Task 5 of the work stream “Research Using in Vivo Simulation of Meta-Organizational Shared Decision Making (SDM)”, one component of the Technology Innovation Fund (TIF) program on Meta-organizational Collaboration that has been designed to assist in understanding challenges faced by the Canadian Forces (CF). The objective of the stream is to conduct basic research into shared decision making through the analysis of case studies, exercises and simulations. Task 5 involved the development of a knowledge database tool organised by the various components of the shared-decision making (SDM) framework entitled Model of Inter-Organizational Problem Solving. The database tool purpose, organization and features are described in this report. During research undertaken to develop the Model for Inter-organizational Problem Solving (Task 1) and the design and implementation of an experimental plan to test the Model (Tasks 2 and 3), a body of literature was collected and referenced in the various Task reports. Additional peer-reviewed articles and grey literature were consulted for the purpose of completing Task 4: Modeling communication and decision making functions. This knowledge base of information sources has been organized in MS Access by the key components of the Model for ease of use by the operational and analytic communities within DRDC.

Il y a un résumé en français ici.

meta-organization;shared decision making framework;problem solving approaches;complex situations;in vivo simulation;coordination, collaboration
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DRDC-CSS-CR-2011-34 — Contractor Report
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01 Dec 2011
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