Modelling the Production and Absorption of Pilots – The Development of the Production, Absorption and Retention Simulation (PARSim)


  1. Corbett, N.C.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Centre for Operational Research and Analysis, Ottawa ON (CAN)
This report is a record of the technical aspects pertaining to the development of the Pilot Production Absorption Retention Simulation (PARSim). The simulation was produced at the Operational Research and Analysis Directorate at 1 Canadian Air Division (1 Cdn Air Div) Headquarters under the sponsorship of Commander 1 Cdn Air Div, A4/A1 and A1 Trg. The report is intended to be a guide for analysts: providing a basis for the maintenance of PARSim and the development of similar simulations. PARSim is a model of the “flow” of pilots from formal Undergraduate Pilot Training (UGPT)to the various major operational communities and is designed to give decision makers the ability to gauge the effect of factors, like attrition, production and flying rates on the overall health of the pilot system. The simulation is comprised of two main modules: a course module, which is used to build UGPT portion of the simulation and the mentor module, which is a generic model of the major operational communities. An important feature of the mentor module is that it simulates the transfer of experience to new pilots, by dynamically adjusting the rate at which this transfer occurs according to health of the community and the availability of resources.

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DRDC-CORA-TR-2013-023 — Technical Report
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01 Mar 2013
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