Training Effectivenesss of the Victoria Class Virtual Submarine – A behavioural assessment of learning a complex task within a virtual environment


  1. Magee, L.E.
  2. Thompson, A.A.
  3. Cain, B.
  4. Kersten, C.
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Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN)
The Royal Canadian Navy eLearning Centre of Expertise (NeLCoE) in Quebec City developed the Canadian Virtual Naval Fleet (CVNF), a game-based, desk-top virtual environment (VE) to provide procedural and spatial knowledge of large vessels, which are not always available for training. This report presents the results of two experiments that assessed the training effectiveness of the Victoria Class Virtual Submarine (VCVS), one implementation of the CVNF. Each experiment assessed the ability of navy personnel to complete an emergency drill that involved isolation of a bulkhead. Initial transfers of training and improvements with practice to criterion (i.e., error-free performance) were used to compare the performances of a trained group with a novice group. However, the experiments differed in method, prior training of the groups, and the practice environment. The first experiment employed a reverse transfer of training paradigm using the VCVS as the practice environment. In this experiment, the performances of a group of ten Navy personnel qualified to perform the task aboard the submarine were compared to a group of ten novices who lacked prior submarine experience and who learned the task for the first time within the VE. The second experiment employed a more classic, forward transfer of training paradigm that used the submarine as the transfer environment. Here, the performances of the novice group that practiced the task to criterion within the VE were compared to a second

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virtual environments;simulators;training effectiveness;submarine
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DRDC-TORONTO-TR-2012-014 — Technical Report
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01 Apr 2012
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