The Federal All Hazards Risk Assessment Framework Body of Knowledge – Volume I: Establishing an Information Baseline and Way Forward


  1. Bayne, I.
  2. Duncan, J.
  3. Mills, B.
  4. Friesen, S.K.
  5. Goudreau, A.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Centre for Security Science, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
Public Safety (PS) Canada and Defence Research & Development Canada’s (DRDC) Centre for Security Science (CSS) are in the process of investigating improvements to the federal All Hazards Risk Assessment (AHRA) methodology that would enable the federal government to develop a national picture of high priority risks and capabilities that mitigate those risks. The primary objective of this report is to establish an information baseline that can support exploitation of the AHRA work to date. A secondary objective is to identify challenges and opportunities to improve the AHRA methodology and techniques, and to support decisions related to continued federal work and/or the transition to a NRA concept. This Technical Report (TR) is intended for participants in the federal AHRA initiative, and for a wider audience involved in safety, security, societal resilience and emergency risk management. The report highlights lessons from the federal AHRA approach that would support multi-mandate and multi-jurisdictional risk assessments, and enable the development of a national risk assessment (NRA). A possible concept of operations is that regional authorities, supported by federal specialists (and preferably funding) implement a series of workshops focused on regional high risk scenarios. The outputs of these workshops would include regional risk profiles that would be merged into a national picture of risk exposure, regional best practices including in the area of critical infrastructure

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All Hazards;Risk Assessment;Risk Management;Planning;Emergency Management
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DRDC-CSS-TR-2013-014 — Technical Report
Date of publication
15 Oct 2013
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