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Title: Technical Performance Testing of Conducted Energy Weapons: Recommended Practices to Ensure Consistent and Quality Results    [PDF]   [Permanent link]
Author(s): Wood, D.; Bray, J.; Simms, B.
Corporate author(s): Defence R&D Canada - Centre for Security Science, Ottawa ONT (CAN)

Abstract: Performance of a conducted energy weapon (CEW) can be evaluated from three perspectives: how well it immobilizes a subject (efficacy), how safe it is and how it performs technically. This report addresses the technical performance of CEWs such as those used by Canadian law enforcement. It does not address either the efficacy or the safety. This report provides recommendations to be used by law enforcement, policing policy-makers and test laboratories to ensure consistent and quality results when testing CEWs. Test laboratories are provided with a detailed analysis of the parameters that can be measured including the appropriate algorithms as well as the required test equipment specifications, recommended test procedure and reporting requirements. Law enforcement agencies and policing policy-makers are provided with recommendations related to qualifications of test laboratories, test strategies and recommended acceptance specifications.
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Keyword(s): conducted energy weapons;CEW;Tasers;test procedure;test standards

Report Number: DRDC-CSS-TR-2013-025; Technical Report
Date of publication: 01 Oct 2013
Number of Pages: 118
DSTKIM No: CA038122
CANDIS No: 538085
Format(s):Electronic Document(PDF)