Whole of Government Training for the Comprehensive Approach to Operations – A Survey of the Final Planning Conference for Exercise Frontier Sentinel 2012


  1. Febbraro, A.R.
  2. Piasentin, K.A.
  3. Thompson, M.M.
  4. Turnbull, A.
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Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN)
This study investigated participant evaluations of the Final Planning Conference (FPC) for Exercise Frontier Sentinel 2012 (EX FS12), one of a series of planning meetings that was held in preparation for EX FS12 proper, a “Whole-of-Government” (WoG) or interagency exercise, in order to provide opportunities for partners and stakeholders to consult with one another in the development of exercise plans. The present study was designed to contribute to the Lessons Learned (LL) process for this FPC and to enhance the exercise planning process. Twenty-one participants (11 civilians representing Canadian government agencies/departments and 10 military personnel, including 7 from the Canadian Forces and 3 from the United States military) completed a survey that assessed perceptions of the FPC in terms of opportunities afforded for information sharing, planning, coordination, and collaboration. Results indicated that the vast majority of participants, both civilian and military, felt that they were well prepared for the FPC and that the FPC was a success. Most felt that information sharing was adequate and that ideas were exchanged freely; most agreed that the planning processes of the military and civilian organizations were compatible and that participants were able to develop a common and unified approach to mission planning; and all agreed, to some extent, that the FPC took into account their respective organization’s procedures, goals and objectives, values, mandates or rol

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Whole-of-Government Training;Comprehensive Approach;JIMP
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DRDC-TORONTO-TM-2012-132 — Technical Memorandum
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10 Dec 2012
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