Completion report for CRTI 07-0103RD – Full-Scale RDD Experiments and Models


  1. Erhardt, L.
  2. Quayle, D.
  3. Noel, S.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Ottawa, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
In order to gather more and more accurate information on the behaviour of Radiological Dispersion Devices (RDDs), a set of experiments was performed. These experiments built on the existing body of knowledge and included many of the world's leading authorities in RDD physics, modelling and atmospheric dispersion. Beginning with indoor tests to characterize the explosive used to perform the dispersion of our radioisotope, the experiments culminated in a series of three outdoor releases of a short-lived tracer isotope, 140La. The dispersion and deposition from these outdoor explosive releases were monitored and recorded using a wide variety of instruments. Radiation was monitored using fixed point large volume gamma detectors, a large number of small volume gamma detectors (260), truck and helicopter mounted spectrometry equipment, hand-held survey instruments, and air-samplers. Weather conditions were monitored from three mobile meteorological stations, as well as through the launching of weather balloons. There were also LIDAR, high speed video, and wide-field video monitoring of the explosions and subsequent plumes. The unique data sets gathered during these releases fed existing RDD modelling efforts and will be shared with our allies to inform future generations of models and risk assessments.

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DRDC-OTTAWA-TR-2013-056 — Technical Report
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01 Oct 2013
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