An efficient mass casualty breathing system for oxygen therapy – Determining the compatibility of the Pulmanex® Hi-OX® mask with the CAF’s in-service oxygen concentrator, POGS 33


  1. Bouak, F.
  2. Eaton, D.J.
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Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN)
Defence Research and Development Canada was tasked by the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Health Services Group Headquarters to develop an efficient mass casualty breathing system for oxygen (O2) therapy in remote areas. This report describes the second phase of the project to assess the performance of the Pulmanex® Hi-OX® mask (HIOX) when combined with the Portable Oxygen Generation System 33C (POGS), the CAF’s in-service O2 concentrator. First, unmanned tests were conducted to determine the quality and the quantity of the POGS product gas. Then, in human trials, nine participants (21 to 58 years) breathed O2 at rest through the HIOX using the POGS as the O2 supply. The test procedure consisted of three breathing periods of 5 min at either 2, 4 or 6 litres per min. Measurements included inhaled and end-tidal fractions of O2 and carbon dioxide, O2 arterial blood saturation, exhaled gas volume, and mask pressure. Subjective ratings of comfort and breathing effort were obtained after each breathing period. The unmanned testing showed that the POGS can safely be used to supply high concentrations of oxygen with no contaminants or toxic gases. Human testing revealed that the HIOX-POGS system delivered clinically useful O2 levels. In terms of the measured dependent variables, the results obtained with the POGS proved to be as good as those of the compressed O2. The use of

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Oxygen mask;Hi-OX;Oxygen Concentrator;POGS;Oxygen therapy
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DRDC-TORONTO-TR-2013-126 — Technical Report
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01 Oct 2013
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