Value Focused Metrics for Improved Emergency Management Planning Part 4 – Project and Methodology Assessment


  1. Maxwell, D.T.
  2. Davis, D.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Centre for Security Science, Ottawa ONT (CAN);KaDSci LLC, Springfield VA (USA)
This report is part four of a four part series describing a set of discovery experiments that explored how a decision analytic modeling approach called Value Focused Metrics (VFM) was applied to experiments for emergency management planning processes in two cities on Vancouver Island using four disaster scenarios. This volume focuses on the assessment of the methodology based on what was learned through the interaction with subject matter experts (SMEs) in the communities, reducing the collected data into computational models, and conducting exemplar analyses using that collected data and models. The assessment is reported from three perspectives. First, is an overall project level assessment concerning lessons learned about conducting research into high stakes contingencies (like emergency management planning). The second are the things the researchers learned about applying VFM to the improvement emergency management operations. The third perspective is the feedback received from the participating subject matter experts on the Value Focused Metrics process and utility of the model results, including recommendations from their perspective on how to improve it. All three of the perspectives provide valuable insights that can be used both as a foundation for future research and, in some cases, applied modeling and analysis in support of emergency management.

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Emergency Management;Prevention;Mitigation;Preparedness;Response;Recovery;Emergency Planning;Value Focused Thinking;Value Focused Metrics;Mission to task analysis;Strategy to task analysis;Risk Management;Community planning;Models;Objectives;Tasks;Metrics
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DRDC-CSS-CR-2013-023 — Contractor Report
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01 Dec 2013
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