Mitigating Neck Pain in Aircrew – A Proposal for the Development of Near-Term Solutions

Réduire les douleurs au cou chez le personnel navigant – Une proposition en vue de définir des solutions à court terme


  1. Fernie, G.
  2. Mayich, D.J.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN);Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, Toronto Ont (CAN)
Many aircrew are suffering from neck pain because of the weight of night vision goggles and helmet mounted displays. As a result, their operational effectiveness is significantly reduced. This is a report of a preliminary 10-week project designed to familiarize the R&D team with the issues, provide an opportunity to identify some potential near-term solutions with particular reference to the CH-146 Griffon helicopter and develop a proposal to complete the task. Interviews were conducted with 13 CH-146 Griffon aircrew from 400 Squadron on location in Canadian Forces Base Borden, Ontario. Recommendations were made for preventive education and exercise interventions. A total of six engineering concepts were identified to begin the search for near-term solutions. Each of these concepts was developed to a preliminary level and a concept model was built of each. A team of four pilots and one flight engineer examined the concept models and provided valuable feedback unanimously indicating that all six should be pursued further. A proposal has been developed to continue exploring these and other concepts and to take winning concepts through a thorough development and testing program to prepare them for manufacture, certification and deployment.

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Neck Pain;neck strain;NVG;head borne mass;helmet;pilot;flight engineer;night vision goggles;heads up display;HUD;FE;head mounted mass;CH-146 Griffon helicopter
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DRDC-TORONTO-CR-2013-038 — Contractor Report
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10 Mar 2013
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