TECHNIQUES TO ASSESS THE STATE OF HEALTH OF SEALED LEAD ACID BATTERIES (paper to be presented at the 16th International Power Sources Symposium, Bournemouth England, 26-29 September 1988)

  1. Verville, G.
  2. Roberge, P.
  3. Smit, J.
Corporate Authors
Chief of Research and Development, Ottawa ONT (CAN) Director Research and Development Air;Royal Military Coll of Canada, Kingston ONT (CAN);Ottawa Univ, Ottawa ONT (CAN) Electrochemical Science and Technology Centre
Thermography can be a very cost effective tool. It can be used to detect manufacturing defects when time is of the essence and is helpful in the interpretation of data collected by existing techniques. The use of AC impedance measurements at 1kHz has been well received by battery shop personnel and has been used to complement the standard voltage measurements in providing advanced warning of potential problems. However, impedance measurements are sensitive to any change in cell design parameters introduced by manufacturers and therefore must be correlated with a specific cell design if they are to be used as a pass/fail criterion. The noise measurement technique appears to be a promising new tool in the interpretation of cell behaviour.
Date of publication
01 Jan 1988
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Hardcopy;Originator's fiche received by DSIS

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