A PRECISE FLIGHT REFERENCE SYSTEM FOR EVALUATING AIRBORNE NAVIGATION AIDS (paper presented at the 7th Canadian Symposium on Navigation, Montreal, Canada, May 1988)

  1. DiFilippo, D.J.
  2. Leach, B.W.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research Establishment Ottawa, Ottawa ONT (CAN);Institute for Aerospace Research, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
DREO, supported by NAE, has developed and implemented a Flight Reference System (FRS) that provides precise, continuous estimates of aircraft horizontal position, horizontal velocity, attitude and heading. Such information is required to properly evaluate various types of airborne navigation and guidance systems. The FRS design is based on a Kalman filter that optimally integrates the outputs of an LTN-91 inertial navigation system with microwave ranging information from a Trisponder system. With range measurements from at least two transponders having a reasonably good geometry, the FRS is able to estimate aircraft horizontal components of position and velocity to an accuracy of about 10 m rms and 0.1 m/s rms respectively, aircraft roll and pitch to 0.3 arc minutes rms, and aircraft heading to 1 arc minute rms. TRUNCATED
Date of publication
15 May 1988
Number of Pages
Reprinted from
Canadian Aeronautics and Space Journal, vol 35, no 3, 1989, p 138-146
Hardcopy;Originator's fiche received by DSIS

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