Measurement and Characterization of the Pressure-Sinkage Data for Snow Obtained Using a Rammsonde and a Bevameter


  1. Wong, J.Y.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research Establishment Suffield, Ralston ALTA (CAN);Vehicle Systems Development Corp, Nepean ONT (CAN)
To examine the feasibility of using the pressure-sinkage data obtained with a Rammsonde as input to the computer simulation model NTVPM-85 for predicting tracked vehicle performance over snow, a series of measurements of the penetration resistance of fresh and preconditioned snow was made using a Rammsonde, and compared with those obtained with a bevameter and Rammsonde cones attached to the bevameter. This report describes the results of the field measurements made using the three types of device, as well as the approaches to the characterization of the pressure-sinkage data obtained. It is found that the data obtained using the Rammsonde, the bevameter and the Rammsonde cone attached to the bevameter are, in general, comparable, considering the possible variations of terrain conditions in the field. It is shown that the pressure-sinkage equations proposed by Bekker could form a common basis for characterizing the data obtained using the three different techniques.
Report Number
DRES-CR-72-090 — Contractor Report
Date of publication
15 Oct 1990
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Hardcopy;Originator's fiche received by DSIS;Document Image stored on Optical Disk

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