12om Limited Objective Experiment #2 – Final Results Summary and Recommendations


  1. Gagnon, J-F.
  2. Lafond, D.
  3. St-Louis, M-E.
  4. Tremblay, S.
  5. Derbentseva, N.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research and Development Canada, Toronto Research Centre , Toronto ON (CAN);Thales Canada, Quebec Que (CAN)
12om is a Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) project that seeks to develop a methodology (i.e., process and components) to improve the understanding of a complex situation by a multidisciplinary, government]wide team. The 12om methodology (see report 2014C.005-REP-07 -AT5) was developed through a combination of empirical and theoretical work. The objective of the current Limited objective experiment (LOE) was to conduct a team]centred evaluation in the context of the curre nt Canadian Forces Operational Planning Process (CF OPP) for a Joint Plans (J5) Whole of Government (WoG) planning team and assess the methodology with regards to the functions it aims to support. In the tested version, 12om comprised seven components: (1) WoG OPP handbook, (2) team building and handover procedure, (3) interactive common glossary, (4) conceptual diagrams (individual and collaborative), (5) cross-imp act-method, (6) OP Design tool, and (7) integrated mission analysis briefing template. An integrated planning team of five members took part in this study. The approach adopted to guide the current evaluation was based on Cognitive Systems Engineering (CSE; Rasmussen, Pejtersen, & Goodstein, 1994; Woods & Roth, 1988). CSE assesses, from a holistic perspective, cognitive work in complex domains through human in]the] loop testing. Various measures were taken during the experiment. Among others, these measures assessed the usefulness, usability, costs/benefits ratio, and time and effort
collaborative sensemaking;common understanding;OPP;civil-military planning;multi-disciplinary collaboration;experimentation
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DRDC-RDDC-2014-C98 — Contract Report
Date of publication
31 Mar 2014
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