Maritime Science and Technology Experimentation Capability Project – Maritime Capability Evaluation Laboratory (MCEL) Data Centre Requirements


  1. Mikhael, B.R.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research and Development Canada, Atlantic Research Centre, Halifax NS (CAN);Acron, Ottawa, ,ON. (CAN);Simpire Inc., Ottawa ON (CAN)
The MCEL is the third component of the Maritime Science and Technology Experimentation Capability Project. MCEL is a “virtual shipyard” that supports a number of simulated maritime vessels (synthetic platforms). Among its key uses will be the development of experiments utilizing both new and existing synthetic platforms within a synthetic environment where these platforms can be evaluated in combat scenarios. Additionally, the MCEL will also be used for the evaluation of human subjects within these scenarios over a variety of performance indicators. This report focuses on investigating the implementation of data centre aspects of the MCEL as outlined in the statement of operational requirements. We first report on the applicability of the TIA-942 Data Centre Standard and other standards as they relate to the MCEL. We then present a suggested configuration for the MCEL with respect to network, simulation and other hardware components. This configuration allows for operation on networks of multiple security caveats and provides for the simultaneous operation of two synthetic platforms. From this configuration, estimates for power and thermal load are derived and presented. In addition, we present a number of strategies for noise reduction within the various rooms of the MCEL facility.
MCEL;data centre
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DRDC-RDDC-2014-C54 — Contract Report
Date of publication
01 Aug 2014
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