12om Methodology – Process v1.1


  1. Lafond, D.
  2. Gagnon, J-F.
  3. St-Louis, M-E.
  4. Tremblay, S.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research and Development Canada, Toronto Research Centre , Toronto ON (CAN);Thales Canada, Quebec Que (CAN);C3 Human Factors Consulting Inc., Quebec QC (CAN)
The 12om project seeks to develop a methodology (i.e., process and tools) to improve the understanding of a complex situation by a multidisciplinary, government-wide team. The specific objective of this report is to describe and document the 12om process (v1.1). The 12om process aims to support teamwork and performance in the context of the current Canadian Forces Operational Planning Process (CFOPP), particularly during joint civil-military planning endeavours, such as whole-of-government approach initiatives. The present document is divided into three sections. First, it introduces the context of the project and outlines the method employed for the development of the 12om process. Second, informed by multiple sources, this report describes version 1.1 of the 12om process. This process includes three main dimensions: 1) A toolbox approach; 2) Training; and 3) Inclusion of an inter-agency planning specialist/facilitator. There is also a discussion of the sub-processes underlying the 12om methodology components. These components include the Whole-of-Government OPP handbook, the team building and handover procedure, the interactive common glossary, IMAGE v3 (i.e., individual and collaborative diagrams), the cross-impact method, the Op Design tool, and the mission analysis briefing template. Finally, in section three, the main features of Process v1.1, its limitations, and possible next steps are discussed.
operational planning process;collaborative sensemaking;common understanding;OPP;civil-military;planning process
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DRDC-RDDC-2014-C193 — Contract Report
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31 Mar 2014
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