Evidence base for the development of an enduring DND/CAF Operational Energy Strategy (DOES) – Expressing Canadian values through defence operational energy stewardship here and abroad


  1. Labbé, P.
  2. Ghanmi, A.
  3. Amow, G.
  4. Kan, B.
  5. Jayarathna, K.
  6. Voicu, R.
  7. Snook, R.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research and Development Canada, Centre for Operational Research and Analysis, Ottawa ON (CAN)
The intent of this document is to consolidate the information, evidences, facts and data that support and inform the first DND/CAF operational energy strategy (DOES)1 to address the need to improve our defence operational capabilities and their sustainability by decreasing the fully burdened cost of operational energy and reducing our supply chain vulnerabilities. It captures some of the knowledge that resulted from the DOES working group discussions and workshops with selected experts and organisations. Given the complexity of the domain and potential misinterpretation of raw data available in the various records of transactions, their interpretation for the purpose of developing the strategy was addressed collectively by selected representatives from concerned DND/CAF L1s’ personnel. Such a collective view is necessary to ensure that an appropriate understanding of the energy challenges ahead permeates our DND/CAF culture and becomes part of our decision making. Then, how to address them holistically through the sustainability looking glass will open new avenues to improving our defence operational capabilities for operations here and abroad. Analyses of historical data and simulation results were used to develop the DOES energy baseline. That energy baseline was used to develop credible DOES targets. The baseline will be used later to assess the level of success of initiatives to achieve DOES targets. An inflation methodology was used to assess the potential savings of a

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DRDC-RDDC-2014-R65 — Scientific Report
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01 Dec 2014
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