Two-Echelon Supply Chain Management – Task Authorization #1 – Final Report


  1. Minic, S.M.
  2. Gendreau, M.
  3. Potvin, J-Y.
  4. Conrad, J.
  5. Thomson, D.
  6. Dutkiewicz, M.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research and Development Canada, Valcartier Research Centre, Quebec QC (CAN);MDA Systems Ltd., Richmond BC (CAN);CIRRELT, Montreal QC (CAN)
Adaptive and dispersed military and humanitarian missions are complex operations that require significant resources, including personnel, equipment, and medical and food supplies. For these operations to be effective, it is important to ensure that resources are provided and supported in a cost effective and timely fashion. This report describes the design and development of models and algorithms to improve distribution and inventory management of resources for such military and humanitarian missions. The scope addressed is an extended two-echelon tactical Supply Chain Network (SCN). Challenges addressed and novelties of the models include: (a) integration of inventory management and distribution management, (b) simultaneously addressing several realistic features of supply chain management within one problem, (c) having an extended network that includes the tactical SCN and a portion of the operational SCN, with different scales for transportation times and (d) the intrinsic complexities of multi-echelon, multi-period discrete optimization problems. Both deterministic and stochastic problems are addressed. The work done is an advancement on providing tools for military or humanitarian logistics leaders to optimise supply chain management and use of resources and hence reduce time and costs in supplying forward operating bases with supplies such as food, water, medical provisions and equipment.

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supply chain management;inventory management;transportation
Report Number
DRDC-RDDC-2014-C219 — Contract Report
Date of publication
30 Oct 2013
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