XIT Commercial Explosives Identification Tool


  1. O'Donnell, S.
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Defence Research and Development Canada, Centre for Security Science, Ottawa ON (CAN);National Research Council of Canada, Fredericton NB (CAN) Information and Communication Technologies
This document represents the Project Completion Report for the Commercial Explosives Identification Tool (XIT) Project (CRTI 08-0131TD). This project has transformed current disparate, often paper-based, information on commercial non-fireworks-related explosives and articles into a standardized electronic database. The delivered database serves as an efficient, searchable tool for access by selected law enforcement, intelligence, incident analysts and regulatory authorities. The XIT Project addresses the following CRTI gaps: E1 (Consolidated explosives threat list), E4 (Post-blast scene investigations), NSIC2 (CBRNE attribution), and ‘D&I4’ (field identification methods for CBRNE agents/precursors). XIT provides its authorized users with consolidated and detailed commercial explosive product information such as identification images, product brand/type, recognition elements (codes, colors, dimensions, quantity, etc.), explosives ingredients and packaging. The XIT Project developed a web enabled database system that is used as a ‘tool’ by law enforcement field operatives; to access a centralized extensive ‘inventory’1 of commercial explosives to assist in response to events involving explosives. User roles include: search, data entry, and system administration. Users may access XIT via the internet. XIT is a tool designed to provide: - Improved method to confirm the official classification of commercial explosives and attribute the source of the materials to a spec
commercial explosives;identification tool;information database
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DRDC-RDDC-2014-C118 — Contract Report
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01 May 2014
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