Workstation Analytics in Distributed Warfighting Experimentation – Results from Coalition Attack Guidance Experiment 3A


  1. McCourt, R.
  2. Nakhla, N.
  3. Collin, I.
  4. Hill, A.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research and Development Canada, Centre for Operational Research and Analysis, Ottawa ON (CAN)
The Canadian Forces Warfare Centre (CFWC) uses state-of-the-art joint battle labs (JBLs) to test the integration of command and control (C2) systems from all of the Canadian Armed Forces services, as well as the integration of international and experimental C2 systems. Typically, this is done through large-scale distributed warfighting experimentation involving several geographically dispersed and networked JBLs. One such series of experiments is the Coalition Attack Guidance Experiment (CAGE). The third event in this series (CAGE 3A) was a multi-national human-in-the-loop experiment (including Australian, British, and Canadian operators) to investigate the use of specific tool suites in the planning and coordination of cross-boundary, joint and combined fires. Participants in the experiment played their corresponding operational roles in the interconnected command posts, and the performance of the people, processes, and tools was observed. The CFWC developed a customized automated data collection tool to capture operator workstation activity. The tool was developed to improve the fidelity and detail of the collected data, to augment the data with information which could not be collected by human observers, and to collect data unobtrusively. The tool used a combination of hooking, packet sniffing, and virtual network computing to record screenshots, screencasts, and details of all typed text, mouse clicks, and network activity, e.g. voice over internet protocol. CAGE 3A was t
coalition attack guidance experiment;Thea;workstation analytics;computer monitoring;process mining;defence experimentation;command and control
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DRDC-RDDC-2014-P60 — External Literature
Date of publication
28 Aug 2015
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