An Analysis of Lessons Learned Relevant for Agility in Military Operations


  1. Jobidon, M.-E.
  2. Adams, B. D.
  3. Bélanger, M.
  4. Elderhorst, E.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research and Development Canada, Toronto Research Centre , Toronto ON (CAN);Defence Research and Development Canada, Valcartier Research Centre, Quebec QC (CAN)
As a result of the increased pace of the information environment and complexity of modern operations, command and control (C2) requirements have evolved significantly in recent years. Military organizations, including the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), must be efficient and agile to succeed in an often volatile and unpredictable operating environment. Agility is defined as the capability to successfully effect, cope with and/or exploit changes in circumstances (SAS-065, 2010; SAS-085, 2013). To better understand C2 challenges and the requirements for agility in the context of current and future security environments, we analyzed unclassified lessons learned from various CAF domestic and expeditionary operations over the last five years. The analysis sought to highlight instances of manifested or potential agility, focusing on understanding the impediments to and enablers of C2 agility. Throughout the operations examined, recurrent themes related to agility emerged, including C2 processes, communication, comprehensive approach, and training/preparation. The implications of these findings for supporting and enabling the commander and staff to perform critical functions (e.g., lead, coordinate, plan, organize, direct, and control) are discussed. The results of this analysis can help identifying key enablers that could be integrated in the development of future capabilities for defence and security organizations to become more efficient and agile. This work also signals avenues for
agility;command and control;lessons learned;command functions;comprehensive approach;communication
Report Number
DRDC-RDDC-2015-P070 — External Literature
Date of publication
21 Sep 2015
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