Assessing daytime sleepiness and fatigue in recruits at the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School


  1. Muller-Gass, A.
  2. Fikretoglu, D.
  3. Beatty, E.
  4. Vartanian, O.
  5. Paul, M.
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Defence Research and Development Canada, Toronto Research Centre , Toronto ON (CAN)
The Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR) is a mental health education program that is currently being delivered throughout the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) career cycle, beginning at the recruit level. DRDC Toronto has undertaken a program of research, the primary purpose of which is to test the efficacy of R2MR through a group randomized control trial (gRCT) among recruits. In preparation for the gRCT, extraneous factors that may affect the uptake and/or retention of the information provided during R2MR need to be addressed. One such factor is the daytime sleepiness and fatigue levels of the recruits during the time period in which the mental health education is provided. This is because daytime sleepiness and fatigue are often accompanied by reduced alertness and compromised functioning of specific brain areas (e.g., prefrontal cortex), consequently hindering a variety of cognitive activities including the learning of new information. The primary purpose of this study was thus to assess daytime sleepiness, fatigue, and cognitive effectiveness in CAF recruits during the first 4 weeks of Basic Military Qualification (BMQ) in order to make recommendations about optimal timing of R2MR delivery. Daytime sleepiness and fatigue were assessed through validated questionnaires at the start of BMQ and again during week 4 of BMQ, on the day of R2MR delivery. Actigraphs were used to monitor sleep/wake activity patterns and these data were used to generate cognitive effectiveness models over t

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daytime sleepiness;fatigue;recruit training;learning;mental health;actigraphy;self-report questionnaires
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DRDC-RDDC-2015-R118 — Scientific Report
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01 Jun 2015
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