Customer Satisfaction in Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows


  1. Barkaoui, M.
  2. Boukhtouta, A.
  3. Berger, J.
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Defence Research and Development Canada, Centre for Operational Research and Analysis, Ottawa ON (CAN);Defence Research and Development Canada, Valcartier Research Centre, Quebec QC (CAN)
The vehicle routing problem with time windows (VRPTW) belongs to the class of the NP-hard combinatorial optimization problems (Lenstra and Rinnooy, 1981). Since heuristic methods often produce near-optimal solutions in a reasonable amount of computational time, most research so far focused on the design of heuristics and metaheuristics (Taillard et al., 1997; Gambardella et al., 1999; Liu and Shen, 1999; Berger et al., 2003; Berger and Barkaoui, 2004). The dynamic (real-time) vehicle routing problem with time windows (DVRPTW) in particular is still even harder to solve than the static problem since customer requests are generated or do occur dynamically, mainly during the execution of the problem-solving procedure. Work and surveys on DVRPTW may be found in (Ghiani et al., 2003; Psaraftis, 1995; Slater, 2002; Montemanni et al., 2002; Gendreau et al., 1999; Ichoua et al., 2003; Ichoua et al., 2000; Potvin et al., 2006; Fleischmann et al., 2004; Haghani and Soojung, 2005; Larsen et al., 2002; Gutenschwager et al., 2004; Barkaoui and Gendreau, 2013). From the various heuristicand Gendreau, 2013). Although ant colony systems have been successfully applied to the dynamic vehicle routing problem (with no time window constraints) (Montemanni et al., 2002), comparisons for similar problems remain difficult. For a recent review on the conducted works, the reader can refer to (Pillac et al., 2013; Kumar and Panneerselvam, 2012).
genetic algorithms;customer satisfaction;dynamic vehicle routing;open loop with anticipated feedback
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DRDC-RDDC-2015-P126 — External Literature
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14 Dec 2015
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