Identifying human dimension S&T relevant for C2 – An annotated bibliography


  1. Morton, A.
  2. Davis, S.
  3. Brown, A.
  4. Adams, B. D.
  5. Angel, H.
  6. Evans, J.
  7. Matthews, M.
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Defence Research and Development Canada, Toronto Research Centre , Toronto ON (CAN);Humansystems Inc, Guelph ONT (CAN)
Increased network-enabled warfare has changed the dynamic of military Command and Control (C2) in recent years. Commanders and teams are challenged to effectively coordinate and achieve their objectives and capabilities in theatre. Better integration of C2 objectives and capabilities are needed if the Canadian Armed Forces are to keep up with the face-paced, distributed, and technologically -advanced battlespace in which they continually find themselves. The current research is an annotated bibliography on the human dimension of C2 science and technology. The human dimension, as specified by the scientific authority, spans seven themes of interest: leadership, collaboration, reach-back, mission assurance, risk and opportunity management, red teaming, and war gaming. Selection criteria helped to reduce the amount of search hits for each of the seven themes and ultimately the authors selected the best representative resources in consultation with the scientific authority. A total of 104 annotations were completed. Collaboration and leadership yielded the greatest amount of C2-relevant literature overall, with 20 articles selected for each. Reach-back yielded fewer results (12 articles selected) but was found to tie in closely with collaboration research; thus some of the collaboration articles support the reach-back literature. The mission assurance literature search yielded 12 resources. Risk and opportunity management included 16 resources for annotation. Finally, the red tea
human dimension;command and control;literature review;leadership;collaboration;reachback;mission assurance;red teaming;risk management;opportunity management war gaming
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DRDC-RDDC-2015-C149 — Contract Report
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01 Mar 2015
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