A Notional Shipboard Sonobuoy Processing System – A Software Defined Radio Approach


  1. Campbell, W.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Atlantic, Dartmouth NS (CAN)
The Systems Architecture Group at DRDC Atlantic has been exploring open system and open architecture approaches for developing and delivering new sonar system capabilities to the Canadian Navy for a number of years. These efforts have resulted in the development of unique technologies that have culminated in an integration framework known as the system test bed (STB). DRDC Atlantic has successfully used the STB to develop and demonstrate new underwater sonar systems as part of its maritime program that include the MSTDCL, PLEIADES, and IMPACT systems. The focus of this investigation was to evaluate the potential of using the current advances in software defined radio (SDR) technologies to develop a new sonobuoy processor capable of processing all ninety-nine sonobuoy slots allocated within the current sonobuoy radio frequency transmission band. Furthermore, this study looks at what would be required to support a flexible mix of sonobuoy types in order to support future naval operations. This report shows that a SDR approach that is augmented with the technologies of the STB should be more than capable of providing a full-band sonobuoy processing capability. Furthermore, the approach taken has the flexibility needed to accommodate a mix of sonobuoy types that are likely to be used by the Canadian Navy for the foreseeable future.

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DRDC-ATLANTIC-TM-2011-140 — Technical Memorandum
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01 Jun 2011
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