Organizational Trust in the Canadian Army – Specifications for a Conceptual Model and a Proposed Program of Research


  1. Thompson, M.M.
  2. Gill, R.
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Defence Research and Development Canada, Toronto Research Centre , Toronto ON (CAN)
Trust has been termed “a fundamental enabler” of military operations, a ‘strategic advantage’ to military effectiveness, and a bedrock of the Army Profession. Yet, one recent U.S. Army analysis concluded that “leaders are not familiar enough with the frameworks to understand trust and do not have the language to discuss it effectively” (Allen & Braun, 2013). Nowhere is this more apparent than in terms of understanding the role of organizational-level trust on organizational and operational effectiveness. The current report is intended to complement existing Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) investigations of unit peer and leader confidence and trust. Three objectives are pursued: (1) a review of the civilian and military literature that is relevant to trust at the organizational level; (2) the integration of these literatures to inform the development of an initial conceptual model of organizational trust for the Canadian Army (CA); and (3) the outline of a proposed program of research in this domain for CA’s consideration. Research recommendations include: 1) develop and validate an Organizational Trust Measure and 2) conduct empirical research studies to refine and the preliminary conceptual model of Institutional Trust.

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organizational trust;Canadian Army;conceptual model;research program
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DRDC-RDDC-2015-R293 — Scientific Report
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01 Jun 2015
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