Human Behaviour Representation Task 2


  1. Dubreuil, A.
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Defence Research and Development Canada, Toronto Research Centre , Toronto ON (CAN);CAE Inc, Ottawa Ont (CAN)
Defence Research and Development Canada contracted CAE to develop a behaviour model using the Integrated Performance Modelling Environment (IPME) toolkit, to represent the behaviour of the crew members of the Leopard tank. CAE was also contracted to integrate the speech engines with the IPME model and to integrate the resulting system with the Virtual Leopard 2 Unity3D environment developed by Department of National Defence (DND). This work was conducted as part of Task 2 of the Human Behaviour Representation (HBR) contract. CAE carried out the work required for HBR Task 2 from December 2014 to September 2015. CAE developed the IPME model to represent the behaviour of the gunner and loader crew members of the Leopard tank. A speech recognition engine and a speech synthesis engine were integrated with the IPME model to accept commands from a crew commander trainee and to utter responses from both the loader and the gunner. Due to the delay in the development of the Unity3D virtual environment, CAE developed a test bed to duplicate the interactions that are expected to occur between the IPME model and the virtual environment. Finally, CAE documented the system, producing a Hierarchical Task Analysis of the crew’s actions and appropriate documents to explain the system design and to specify the interactions between the parts of the system. CAE tested the syst em, using the test bed in lieu of the virtual environment. CAE is confident that the produced system meets the requirem
Virtual Leopard;IPME;Unity3D;HTA
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DRDC-RDDC-2015-C351 — Contract Report
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29 Sep 2015
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