Secure access management for secure operational networks (SAMSON) – Security concept of operations (Security CONOPS)


  1. Charlebois, D.
  2. Henderson, G.
  3. Charlebois, D.
  4. Carruthers, B.
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Defence Research and Development Canada, Ottawa Research Centre, Ottawa ON (CAN)
The Secure Access Management for Secure Operational Networks (SAMSON) project has demonstrated data-centric information protection on an existing unmodified operational network. The integration of access management technologies and protection mechanisms can lead to the hosting of multi-caveated information on a single network. Adopting a SAMSON data-centric security posture results in an improved security posture, auditing, enhanced information sharing and minimal impact to the operator. SAMSON can collapse caveats onto an existing classified network and significantly reduce costs of the Canadian Armed Forces maintaining multiple independent Canadian Eyes Only (CEO) networks. This report documents the Security Specific aspects of the SAMSON Concept of Operations (CONOPS). This Security CONOPS uses a standard DIM Secur template to document the security specific: 1) Roles and responsibilities; 2) Architecture (security specific) features of SAMSON; and 3) mapping to conventional security and information security. This Security CONOPS assumes SAMSON will deploy in an existing accredited level II (SECRET) network, and will inherit all of the security protections of the level II host network. These assumptions will be clearly defined.

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SAMSON;CONOPS;data centric;secure access management;PBAC;ABAC;SAMPOC
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DRDC-RDDC-2016-R001 — Scientific Report
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01 Jan 2016
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