Investigation of the Integration of Simulation and Naval Decision Support Tools – Literature Review


  1. Hosang, E.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research and Development Canada, Atlantic Research Centre, Halifax NS (CAN);CAE Inc, Ottawa Ont (CAN)
This report presents a literature review that was conducted to determine how widely elements of the C2SIM standard have been implemented and the extent of usability. It also presents known implementation issues and solutions. The Coalition Battle Management Language (C-BML) is used to convey taskings. The Military Scenario Description Language (MSDL) is used to capture the entities in a scenario and initialize simulations to ensure consistency between simulations and exercises. The Command and Control Systems – Simulation Systems Operation specification is meant to supersede the other two standards, but is still in development. Use of the two existing standards is complicated by the differences in their data structures, but common identifiers can be used to map messages in the two schemas to the same simulated entities. A Scripted BML server has been used to overcome differences in the implementations of the schemas as well as to distribute messages during an exercise. A number of C2 and simulation applications have been modified to read and write C-BML and MSDL documents. A number of NATO Modeling and Simulation Groups have conducted experiments using the two standards. Based on the findings of the literature review a phased approach to developing a tool for experimentation is proposed.
Report Number
DRDC-RDDC-2016-C094 — Contract Report
Date of publication
21 Mar 2016
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