Free space target signatures and analysis of discriminants for human targets for the 3-D L-band through-wall experimental SAR system


  1. Chan. B.
  2. Sévigny, P.
  3. DiFilipo, D.J.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research and Development Canada, Ottawa Research Centre, Ottawa ON (CAN)
DRDC Ottawa has been investigating 3-D through wall synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging from an experimental L-band through-wall SAR prototype. Tools and algorithms for 3-D visualization are being developed to exploit the resulting imagery. The through-wall technology and data exploitation algorithms and tools have the capability to enhance situational awareness for military forces operating in an urban environment. Current work involves analyzing signatures of human targets behind a wall and understanding the clutter and multipath signals in a room of interest. In this report, a comprehensive study of the characteristics of free-space target signatures is presented using 3-D SAR data. The aim of this investigation is to gain a better appreciation of the signatures of targets when placed behind different wall materials while identifying potential discriminants for classification of human targets. An analysis of different target signatures is provided. Six features are investigated as potential discriminants and five of them are identified as good candidates.

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through-wall;human target signature;discriminants;L-band;SAR;detection;classification
Report Number
DRDC-OTTAWA-TM-2012-182 — Technical Memorandum
Date of publication
01 Nov 2012
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