Data-Centric Security and Information Sharing via NIEM


  1. Magar, A.
  2. Henderson, G.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research and Development Canada, Centre for Security Science, Ottawa ON (CAN);Cord3 Innovation, Ottawa ON (CAN)
CBSA is currently conducting a proof-of-concept for its SensorNet information architecture. Specifically, Secure Access Management for Secure Operational Networks (SAMSON) is being used to demonstrate how the protection of SensorNet data can be enhanced within the CBSA network environment through the application of data centric security principles. This proof-of-concept was originally described in Data Centric Security for CBSA Operations – SAMSON Database Protection for the CBSA SensorNet. While there is considerable benefit to providing data centric security within a single network environment, CBSA is taking a longer term perspective that will include the ability to exchange information with other departments and agencies at the national and international level. The information to be exchanged in this context must be expressed in a standardized format that can be comprehensively and accurately interpreted by the recipient departments and agencies. In support of an expanded role for data centric security, it is anticipated that the information assets to be exchanged will need to include security metadata denoting the sensitivity of the information content in order to ensure that it is adequately protected and handled by the recipient domain. In addition, the information must be adequately protected during the exchange in order to prevent unauthorized tampering or disclosure of data. Lastly, release of data should be mediated according to policy in order to ensure that the
CBSA;secure data exchange;SAMSON;data-centric security;NIEM;national information exchange model
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DRDC-RDDC-2016-C097 — Contract Report
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01 Mar 2015
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