Field Operational Test Facility For Next Generation Interoperable Mission Critical Communications – Fly Away Integration


  1. Braham, S.
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Defence Research and Development Canada, Centre for Security Science, Ottawa ON (CAN);Simon Fraser Univ, Burnaby BC (CAN)
This document provides reporting for Task 10 of the Field Operational Test Facility For Next]Generation Interoperable Mission]Critical Com munications project. It provides details on fly]away integration acti vities, in the second phase of the project, and acts as Deliverable 10 (D10). Task 10 has generally been implemented by extending Task 9 2nd]phase integration configurations and activities, combined with Task 3 laboratory and Task 4 vehicle integration configurations, and the reader is referred to documents T3]D3, T4]D4, and T9]D9, for detailed configuration, methodology, and analysis. A large fraction of AMECom and laboratory]based integrated test]bed systems have been tested du ring Tasks 5 and 6, and documents T5]D5 and T6]D6 describe these act ivities and results. Upgrade requirements were developed in Task 7, and details can be found in document T7]D7. Purchases for this task wer e made in Task 8, and are described in document T8]D8, with vehicle i ntegration and testing taking place during Task 9, as described in document T9]D9. In this task, configurations are extended to fly]away c onfiguration, with testing in Task 11 and 12, to be documented in future deliverables.
deployable;PSBN;700MHz;first responders;communications;mobile communications;interoperability
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DRDC-RDDC-2016-C136 — Contract Report
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01 Aug 2015
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