Wormhole Attack Detection in Tactical Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


  1. Song, R.
  2. Mason, P.C.
  3. Li, M.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research and Development Canada, Ottawa Research Centre, Ottawa ON (CAN)
Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs) have been identified as a key communication capability in tactical environments such as search, rescue, surveillance, reconnaissance, and other emergency response operations such as disaster relief and rescue. However, as one of the most severe and sophisticated attacks in MANETs, the wormhole attack remains a sizable challenge. Many previous research solutions rely on specialized hardware such as directional antennas, GPS, or high precision clocks, which can limit their efficacy using existing technologies and in certain environments. In order to provide efficient and accurate detection mechanisms for wormhole attacks, we present a new wormhole detection method in this report. We demonstrate in simulation and on a testbed that the proposed methodology can be used to detect various sophisticated wormhole attacks within seconds and to prevent them before they have begun to disrupt network traffic. The proposed method is good for critical military applications where network situational awareness relies upon network topology information and the consequences of attack are detrimental. In addition, the detection mechanism proposed is agnostic of routing protocol and does not require any specialized hardware support.

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MANETs;wormhole attack;fast fourier transform
Report Number
DRDC-OTTAWA-TM-2013-138 — Technical Memorandum
Date of publication
01 Nov 2013
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