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  1. Freedman, R.
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Defence Research and Development Canada, Ottawa Ont (CAN) Corporate Office;Research Infosource Inc, Toronto Ont (CAN)
This report was commissioned by Defence R&D Canada (DRDC) to support its work in establishing the Institute for Research in Defence and Security (IRDS). A planned element of IRDS envisages the development of one or more Centres of Expertise (COEs) – sometimes referred to as Centres of Excellence - which are intended to mobilize and engage strategic external research partnerships with the academic, industrial, government and non-profit sectors. A guiding principle is that an organization such as DRDC cannot afford to develop in-house all the relevant expertise it requires to fulfil its mission and that needed expertise and resources exist outside of the organization, so that it may be more efficient and effective to further develop and tap into them. DRDC will use information from the model analysis study to determine its level of engagement with the new COEs that it establishes under IRDS. In some instances it might decide to entirely build (and operate) a new COE to meet its needs. Sometimes it will collaborate with a new COE to acquire relevant knowledge, while in other situations it will choose to access the research that one or more new COEs produce. Regardless of the approach taken, the ultimate objective is to gain access to knowledge, expertise and/or infrastructure.
centre of expertise;centre of excellence;capability centre;S&T network
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DRDC-RDDC-2016-C206 — Contract Report
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01 Dec 2015
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