Future Small Arms Requirements WBE 2.4 Load Balance and Support in Weapon Design – Manipulation of Weapon Weight and Centre of Mass About the Vertical (Z) Axis


  1. Peralta-Huertas, J.
  2. Natale, A.
  3. Honey, J.
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Defence Research and Development Canada, Toronto Research Centre , Toronto ON (CAN)
A laboratory study was undertaken at Defence Research and Development Canada – Toronto Research Centre (DRDC – Toronto Research Centre) during the period of 12 January to 6 March 2015. Thirty two (32) Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel (male, aged 21 to 40) were asked to shoot a number of simulated serials using the surrogate test bed on an instrumented 8-metre-wide indoor firing lane. The test bed was initially configured to simulate a C7A2 in size, weight, and centre of mass (CoM). The test bed weight, and balance were varied systematically resulting in four configurations as follows: N: same weight as C7A2, CoM at the same location as C7’s; 1.5A: 1.5 kg heavier that N configuration, CoM above C7’s (about 5 cm); 3A: 3 kg heavier that N configuration, CoM above C7’s (about 5 cm); and 3B: 3 kg heavier than N configuration, CoM below C7’s (about 2 cm). This was done by manipulating the position of the bolt-on weights along the vertical (Z) axis through the theoretical CoM. The CoM was manipulated along the local coordinate system of the weapon. For every change to the weapon’s center of balance and weight, the participants shoots two 5-round groupings. Data collected consisted of 6 marksmanship metrics collected using the SCATT software that is a simulated marksmanship system. A significant difference was found in only one measure, the Mean Group Centre Radius, during the standing hold serial. This measure for N condition was significantly smaller than the one

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weapon load balance centre of mass
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DRDC-RDDC-2016-R176 — Scientific Report
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01 Aug 2016
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